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Serving With Dignity

Veterans coming back to home and reentering civilian life and who need our help – deserve it. They are our heroes, as only one in 50 people at any given time is serving our country – protecting us. This is less that two percent of the population, defending us. Often times, due to a number of reasons – PTSD, being away for so long, trying to figure out what exactly they can do, or have the skills for, among other reasons – life is hard for these heroes. At Dignity U Wear, we want to help in any way we can, and this is why we established our Serving With Dignity program several years ago. We can never truly show our veterans our appreciation, but we must try. 

This veterans clothing program has three components:

Suits for Soldiers

  • 8.8% of veterans are unemployed
  • For younger veterans, the number is even higher.  24.3% of veterans ages 18-24 are unemployed.

Our Suits for Soldiers-Suited for the Next Mission program is designed to support veterans returning to civilian employment who are working through educational and/or vocational training programs to better transition their military skills to a civilian work environment.  Read more.

We are honored to work with our partnering social service agencies that give returning soldiers the assistance they need. Programs include education, counseling, mentoring, job placement — and thanks to Dignity U Wear, new clothes. Warriors often resist wearing appropriate business clothes and often times argue the need for them. When trying to reconstruct a life, buying a new suit isn’t always high on the priority list. However, the transformation once they’re properly attired is dramatic. The warriors carry themselves differently and feel proud. New clothes help them recalibrate their hope for the next chapter in their lives.

Heroes to Work

We recognize that not ever veteran needs a suit, so Heroes to Work helps veterans who are underemployed or unemployed by supplying brand new work appropriate clothing – khakis, dress slacks, career shirts, ties, belts – that will assist in securing long-term financial stability for themselves and their families.

Helping Homeless Heroes

12% of the adult homeless population are veterans. We work to provide homeless veterans, through our social service agency partners, with basic necessities as they get back on their feet.   Read more.

The Need

Over 400,000 veterans experience homelessness every year. “I don’t think there’s anything more worthy than making sure veterans get the care they need,” said Charles B. Jones, who served as a Marine in Vietnam from 1969 to 1973. “A wounded veteran, honorably discharged, deserves all the support he can get.”

After losing his job, Charles had not had a steady place to live. “I lost everything,” he said. “It’s frustrating because you know you’ve got the ability. You feel even worse about being unemployed when you know you can work.”

The Work

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans offers veterans assistance in rebuilding their lives through its Stand Down program – named after a battlefield term for getting exhausted soldiers to a place where they can rest and recuperate from combat. The NCHV’s Stand Down has the same purpose – to get former soldiers off the streets for a while.

Dignity U Wear helps by providing the veterans with clothing they need to get jobs, stay warm, or even simply feel stronger and more hopeful about their futures.