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We are Focused on High-Impact Programs

Mission: Dignity U Wear helps people in need by providing new size-specific clothing to our partnering non-profit social service agencies and school districts, with a focus on children, families in crisis, the homeless and veterans.

Our Vision:  To help create communities where all people are able to live with dignity in times of adversity. To touch the hearts of those in need to create a bridge that will take individuals from a life of despair to one of becoming a productive member of society.

Our Core Values: 

  • A strong commitment to form close collaborations with agency partners – to compliment their hard work in helping others
  • A strong awareness of the issues that face those trying to better their lives and conquer fears of failure and self-degradation – to feel loved
  • A shared understanding of what it takes together to lift someone’s spirt and help them to believe –  it can often be the little things that make such a great difference
  • Cultivating strong relationships among our volunteers, staff, agency partners and financial supporters – together doing great things for others

Where do the clothes come from?

Most of the clothing we distribute is gifts from generous friends in the apparel industry. Hundreds of companies donate annually; however, we are always in need of more clothing. In-kind donations of clothing are our largest resource to fulfill our mission to help change lives.

How is it distributed?

Since our founding in 2000, Dignity U Wear has provided brand-new properly-sized clothing to close to two million people. All of this is in collaboration with life-saving homeless shelters, foster homes, schools, battered women’s shelters, human trafficking organizations, veteran agencies and many others.  We enhance other agencies’ programs, in which brand new clothing can make a huge difference.  Clothing is delivered based on the specific needs of people in need – and always at no charge to the person receiving the clothing.

You can read more about our initiatives here.

Learning With Dignity:

We remove a barrier to education by providing new clothing to school children in need.
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Serving With Dignity:

We provide work-appropriate clothing for veterans seeking employment and basic clothing necessities for those who have become homeless.
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Women and Girls in Crisis (Healing With Dignity):

We help those trying to heal from a number of circumstances; such as, women and girls who have suffered domestic violence, emotional and/or sexual abuse, those trying to recover from severe illness, the homeless, those who have suffered mental illness, and more.
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