New Clothes. New Life. New Look.

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Dignity U Wear has a new graphic look. It’s clean and fresh and versatile. Those of us who were part of its development feel it represents the dynamic mission of the organization.

What is more significant than the new branding, however, is how much the organization has matured. The new look gives you a sense of that.

Dignity is now focused on three strategic areas: women and girls, veterans, and school children. This makes our efforts and our achievements easier to understand. In addition to being more focused, we are also very strategic. We look beyond the immediate need for clothing to strategies that transform lives.

An example is “Learning with Dignity,” our campaign for school children going on right now. As we have for several years, we will be distributing almost half a million dollars worth of clothing to children who don’t have sufficient clothing for school. This year we are digging deeper and focusing on some special projects involving middle schools and uniforms.

The first day of middle school, of all the days of school, is the one where new clothing makes the most difference. So that is where we want to be. In addition, the schools we are partnering with are struggling schools in depressed neighborhoods, and these schools are using uniforms as a way to help children succeed and be safe. By focusing on the beginning of the year at these critical schools we will maximize our impact.

At Dignity U Wear we focus on one thing, procuring new clothing and delivering it at the right time to the people for whom it will make the most difference. As a result, you can draw a straight line between the help we give and the impact we make.

This focus on impact – our determination to not just deliver clothing but hope and dignity, is guiding us forward. This is what our new look helps us communicate.

New Clothes. New Life.

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