How We Do - What We Do

Apparel Partners

We have several apparel manufacturers and retail partners that provide us with new clothing.

Shipping These Clothes

This clothing is shipped from the apparel partner to our large warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida. This is also where our headquarters are located.

Our Warehouse Receives This Clothing

Volunteers and staff at our facility sort this clothing by age, gender and style, then re-box the clothing so it is ready for customized orders given to us by our agency partners.

Agency Partners Order Clothes for their Beneficiaries

Non-profit agencies work with our agency relations team to ensure their clientele needs are met. We pride ourselves on serving the needs of people by sending brand new size-specific clothing in real time.

Clothing is Delivered for Distribution

Brand new apparel is distributed quickly to ensure timely arrival. Our goal is to give a hand-up to those trying to better their lives. How can we expect someone to make a better life without feeling connected to society or to feel loved?  The gift of dignity is just that important.

Recipients of our clothing is one of the following:

You Can Make a Difference

At Dignity U Wear we focus on one thing, procuring new clothing and delivering it at the right time to the people for whom it will make the most difference.  Please join us. New Clothes. New Life.