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Dignity U Wear helps people in need by providing new size specific clothing to our partnering non-profit social service agencies and school districts across the nation, with a focus on children, families in crisis, the homeless and veterans.
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At Dignity U Wear we focus on one thing, procuring new clothing and delivering it at the right time to the people for whom it will make the most difference.

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Where do the clothes come from?

Most of the clothing we distribute are gifts of overstock from generous friends in the apparel industry.  Close to 200 companies donate annually.  Clothing donations include excess inventory, irregulars and samples.  In kind donations of clothing are our largest resource to fulfill our mission.

How is it distributed?

Since our founding in April of 2000, Dignity U Wear has provided brand new clothing to hundreds of thousands of people in need.  All of this is in collaboration with wonderful homeless shelters and children’s homes; battered women’s shelters and schools.  Dignity U Wear works with these agencies to create or enhance programs where brand new clothing can make the most difference.  Clothing is delivered based on the specific needs of the people in the program – and always at absolutely no charge to the person receiving the clothing.

Areas of Focus

While we serve hundreds of agencies with a variety of missions, our focus is on three priority areas: school children, veterans, and women and girls.  In each case, people in need are working to improve their prospects for the future and our goal is to remove a barrier to their success.

You can read more about each of these initiatives here.