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Dignity U Wear helps people in need by providing new size specific clothing to our partnering non-profit social service agencies and school districts across the nation, with a focus on children, families in crisis, the homeless and veterans.
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About Us

We are Focused on High-Impact Programs

School Children: We remove a barrier to education by providing new clothing to school children in
need. Read more.

Veterans: We provide work-appropriate clothing for veterans seeking employment and basic clothing necessities for those who have become homeless. Read more.

Women and Girls in Crisis: We help women and girls who have suffered domestic violence, emotional and/or sexual abuse, or are at risk to drop out of school. Read more.

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dignity u wear mapYou Can Make a Difference

At Dignity U Wear we focus on one thing, procuring new clothing and delivering it at the right time to the people for whom it will make the most difference. As a result, we can draw a straight line between the help you give and the impact you make.

Dignity U Wear exists through the monetary and clothing donations of friends and partners who impact lives through Dignity’s initiatives. Our gifts of new clothing accelerate the progress people in traumatic circumstances make toward a better life.

Please join us. New Clothes. New Life.