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Our goal is to positively impact the lives of children and their families in need by providing brand new clothing
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About Us

Dignity U Wear:  New Clothes.  New Life.

Today a child gets up in a homeless shelter and prepares for school.  Her clothes don’t fit and her underwear is torn.  She’s embarrassed, and she dreads being teased.  She’s smart.  She can do the work.  But she has so many barriers to overcome.  She’s hasn’t given up, though.  Not yet.

Maybe tomorrow a social worker will bring her a box of pretty new clothes.  Amazingly, she will be most thrilled by having brand new underwear.  She’s never had that – ever.  She’ll be so excited to see herself in the mirror in a stylish outfit.  And tomorrow will be a good day…

…if Dignity U Wear has its way.  We can’t solve all her problems, but we can solve this one problem for this one child – with your help.

We distribute dignity in the form of brand new clothing.  But we are not just randomly handing out clothing to people in need.  Our goal is to distribute clothing in a way that maximizes the impact that clothing has on lives.  So we collaborate with other great social service agencies on projects and programs where the clothing is given to people at the right time – the first day of school, in coordination with medical care, before a for a job interview…

Dignity was founded in 2000 by an extraordinary person; philanthropist and Holocaust survivor, Henri Landwirth.  “I know what it means to stripped of personal dignity,” he says, “to not have clothes of one’s own and to give up all hope.  When I see people suffering indignities, I know we have to help: and through Dignity U Wear, we do.”

Dignity U Wear: Focused on High-Impact Programs

While we work in communities all over America and with agencies of many types, we are especially focused in three areas.

School Children – Removing a barrier to education by providing new clothing to school children in need.

“It felt good to give a little 9-year-old girl a box of new clothes today.  Her clothes never fit or seem appropriate for the weather.  She has been through so much and the clothes made her so happy.  Wow!  New clothing for a change!” – Jean Pease, School Social Worker

Veterans – Providing work-appropriate clothing for veterans seeking employment and basic clothing necessities for those who have become homeless.

“Coming back from Iraq, having sustained a head injury, I needed help.  I worked hard to make a lot of personal changes in order to move forward.  The clothing I received from Dignity U Wear encouraged me to succeed in a new phase of life.”  – Army Staff Sergeant Gilbert Trejo

Women and Girls in Crisis – Helping women and girls who have suffered domestic violence, emotional and/or sexual abuse, or are at risk to drop out of school.

“Many of the girls have never had a new bra or a new pair of jeans.  It’s profound to them.  It’s incredibly lifting to their spirits.” – Janie Smalley, PACE Center for Girls

Make a Difference with Dignity U Wear

At Dignity U Wear we focus on one thing, procuring new clothing and delivering it at the right time to the people for whom it will make the most difference.  As a result, we can draw a straight line between the help you give and the impact you make.  $10 will make sure a child starts a new school in a new outfit.  $20 will ensure that child has a coat when the weather turns cold.  Small acts of kindness; significant contributions to the lives of others.

Dignity U Wear exists through the monetary and clothing donations of friends and partners who impact lives through Dignity’s initiatives.  Our gifts of new clothing accelerate the progress people in challenging circumstances make toward a better life.  Please join us.

New Clothes.  New Life.